This document supplies additional information for those planning to attend Music in the Mountains and answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

Meals are available at the East Stroudsburg University (ESU) cafeteria (lunch tickets available for $8.10 each) or you may choose to eat at some of the nearby restaurants. A partial list is included and we will be happy to make suggestions while you’re here.

The workshop is sponsored by Shawnee Press, Inc., Pine Lake Music and East Stroudsburg University Music Department and features new choral releases as well as best sellers from past years and also offers the opportunity to receive continuing education credit.

For more information about the Pocono Mountains area, request Pocono Mountains brochures and maps from the Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau by calling 1-800-762-6667.

The music previewed at the workshop will be available for purchase from Pine Lake Music so you can purchase for your upcoming music needs while you are here. You will also have the opportunity to browse through and purchase from a display of choral and solo music, musical plays, choral collections and music for piano and organ.

This workshop promises to be an exciting event of reading through new music, learning new approaches to music and musicals, gaining new choreography ideas, assimilating programming tips and gaining new inspiration for the upcoming musical seasons. And the packet of music you receive at each session is yours to keep!

If you have any questions prior to Music in the Mountains, please call 770-981-8940 and ask for Beth Carter.


Frequently asked questions:


1.    Are the facilities at East Stroudsburg University air conditioned?

       Yes.  Air temperature is controlled by a campus computer and we are unable to adjust it.  Please bring a sweater.

2.    What is the dress code?

        Casual.  Dress for comfort--it is summer and a relaxed atmosphere.

3.    Do I need my confirmation information when I check in?

        No, if you have lost your confirmation, just arrive as scheduled.

4.     Where do most people eat lunch and dinner and what is served?

        Most people eat lunch in East Stroudsburg University's cafeteria located in Dansbury Commons.  Lunch tickets are available for purchase on        the registration page.

5.     Can my spouse, child, friend or relative sit in on a session at no charge if they do not take a music packet?

        No.  Attendance is permitted by paid registration only.

6.     Can I get a letter to present to my school or church to verify my attendance?

        Yes.  Letters will be available in the lobby.

7.      What is the best travel route?

       Ple ase consult www.mapquest.com, refer to a map or call AAA.

9.     Is there bus service from Lehigh Valley International Airport to the area?

        No.  You will need to rent a car.



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